NEW (in relative terms) SINGLE: HISTORY OF MAN


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"We've waited even longer for a new J.P. Cregan full-length as it's been 8 years since Man Overboard, and it's also great to have him back. Twenty is a concept album (or to use today's preferred term, a "song cycle") about his 20 years of marriage but you don't need to follow the concept to enjoy his sweet pop confections. "History of Man" is a great opener with melody and drive, and "In California" sounds like a old folk song brought to life with its martial beat and harmonica. "Pay to Play" is the kind of upbeat power pop you get from Michael Carpenter and Cliff Hillis, and "The Belle of USC" recalls the skinny tie sound of the late 70s. And "Fern, Destroyer of Worlds!" could almost be a lost Guided by Voices track."                                                                                  Absolute Powerpop

"Sparkling and crystalline pop...fiery guitars and beautiful melodies...a beautiful album that injects light, color and optimism into this damnable 2020...influenced by The Kinks, Gene Clark, Guided by Voices, Graham Parker and Matthew Sweet...created in an environment of love and kindness:  5 out of 5 stars."                               - Exile Subterranean Homesick Magazine

"The third album from Los Angeles's J.P. Cregan is an auto-biographical affair celebrating his 20th Wedding Anniversary. Now if that sounds a bit twee, it's because it is, but affectionately so. What Twenty is is a great solo Power Pop album released in a year when there haven't been too many. 


There are no crashing guitars or big riffs present here, just well written and arranged songs. All have hooks that come from different directions and most importantly everything sounds so wonderfully chipper. The world seems a bit happier after you listen to Twenty and isn't that what music should be about?"                                                                                  - I Don't Hear a Single

A terrific popster about whom I know nothing, but that will change pretty quick, I believe...

                                                                                 - Purepopradio

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