(Rough Mix) Pay to Play J.P. Cregan
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Pay to Play


El Nino and my Super 8, knee-deep in January '98

These east coast fears keep me splicing late

And I'm broke as hell

There's a line written in cement, that promises your dreams will be relevant


But I do believe the reality is pay to play


Dig the Decaologue, no time to discuss, don't run into Mardik or Jon Millius

I'm crusing 80 hours on the I-5 bus, and my L-4 resigned

Dropping Vicodins in my coffee cup, bombing it with sake just to break me up


But I do believe the reality is pay to play


I remember a time when I flatlined by on Dilaudid divine Lord I was gone

What did I see? Floating below old me.

Send out the back, send for the nurse, reviving me man, what a scene


I had a girl, I lost a girl, where did she go?

Got a feeling she's someone I already know

This new decadence is laying likely low

And I'm busted by design


If I could just one true soulmate to last the rest of my life? Well, that would be great


And I do believe the reality is what you make

I do believe opportunity is Golden State

I do believe the reality is pay to play

Pay to Play

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