• John Cregan

Midlife Crisis is LIT

Been waiting on these two new synths to make it through COVID-stalled customs for months - then both arrived from Japan on the SAME DAY. Roland SH-3A and a Roland RS-202.

This may look problematic, but as midlife crises go...this is far less depressing than (and cheaper) than pulling up in a sports car.

I call this area of my garage the "Space Program" - where I've gathered all the instruments I need to learn how to improve on in a circle. Farfisa Mini Compact, the two Roland synths, Maestro Rhythm King, Roland TR-77, Yamaha piano and drums. And like our race to the moon, I am working towards a definite goal...

The new gear rule: no musical equipment can be younger than me. Which is hard, because I am OLD.

The real-deal vintage gear reminds me of me: creaky, temperamental and hard to maintain. But my self-ban of anything digital is portending a forecast of extended grooviness.

What am I working toward? Here's a hint:

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